Today was Hard.

Max and I Today was Hard. I’m still trying to find the words. I’m still trying to accept it. It’s surreal. I lost my baby. We had to put my dog down. I’ve had him for 16 years. I don’t have kids. He was my kid. I couldn’t bring myself to say goodbye. If I […]

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Time For A Change

so I’m waiting for my uniform in the dryer…. and all I can think about is how I am dreading the day tomorrow. Verbal abuse of customers for a wage that isn’t livable. Hence, why I started back to school. I picked a business degree because I knew it would open the most doors. But […]

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The Journey Begins

Where do I begin? My name is Loren. I am a 30 year old female who works full time and is going back to college for the first time in forever. I am adopted. I was adopted as an infant. I have had a very eventful life. I hope you enjoy my blog.

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