My Hero

I have been trying to make this fundraiser happen.

Shameless Plug:

Its for a nonprofit, no kill shelter I adopted my dogs from. My last dog just passed at 18 years old and I wanted to honor them in someway and help the shelter as well.

Well the fundraiser web page asks you to tell a little bit about yourself and ask questions like… Who is Your Hero? That one kinda stopped me in my tracks and really made me think? WHO IS MY HERO?! I thought and thought and finally decided. Its my birth mother. She could have had an abortion but instead she sacrificed her body for 9 months and then did the most selfless thing ever… gave me to a family that could give me the life she couldn’t. I was blessed to finally meet her at 25 and she’s wonderful. I look like her. Our personalities are very similar and I love her to bits. I can never really repay her for what she did for me. Christine, if you ever read this, I love you and YOU ARE MY HERO!, My Hero


About Loren Bullitt

My name is Loren. I am a 30 year old female working full time and going back to college. I haven't had the easiest time of things. I have depression and migraines and other bad things have happened (I'm sure I'll get into that). But life has not been without its blessings. I was adopted as an infant by the best parents on the planet and they've stood by me through it all. This is my blog. This is me living my truth and coming to terms. Hopefully someone else will read an article or two and be helped as well. Anyway, God Bless. and Welcome to my crazy life. I am interested in freelance writing if you are looking and like what you read.


  1. Scott Paul Morgan on November 9, 2018 at 11:22 am

    That’s awesome that you and your mother are sharing that bond.

    My adoptive father was my hero growing up, and he passed away in 2012. Since then, I have reconnected with my birth father and discovered that we are a lot alike. We look alike, sound alike and have similar interests. I’m thankful for him being in my life and he’s shown me nothing but kindness. My mother, I have some of her similarities, and I think that while she is my anchor, that chain can be a little long and heavy sometimes… but she carried me for 9 months and gave me life, and I will always love her for the life she gave me after I was born, albeit not an easy one.

    Heroes are good to have, we look up to them and they inspire greatness in us and the desire to succeed. They encourage us to try, and they catch us when we fail. It’s good to know your Mom is your hero and why. But if you have family that raised you, it’s good to keep them in your roster of heroes and use what they’ve taught you as well.

    My father taught me patience, perseverance, selflessness and the value of helping others who appreciate you. My mother taught me honesty, willpower and to pick my battles wisely. My biological parents taught me that doing what is best for others and helping those in need is important and that everyone deserves a second chance.

    Sometimes life is like a roller coaster… you have to hang on for your life and let go of your fears.

    • Loren Bullitt on November 9, 2018 at 11:27 am

      yea I literally wouldnt change my adoptive family for the world. they are the best family I could have ever dreamed of. they are my heroes too

  2. Nova on November 15, 2018 at 10:49 am

    My birth mother is my hero too! I wrote a few blog posts about my thoughts.

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