the Beginning of My Life

, the Beginning of My Life

The Gladney Center For Adoption – The Agency Who Placed Me With My Family

I really started this blog for myself. A safe place to talk about my feelings and the like. But I decided I wanted to tell my story. I figure that will be therapeutic as well. And maybe someone else will read it and relate and know they’re not alone.

I came into this world with a bang! I tend to everything with a bang so I suppose its only appropriate I started life that way. I was born on January 9, 1988 in Fort Worth, Texas at 4:21 a.m. by emergency c-section because I had punched through the placental sac and my  biological mother was bleeding heavily.  I was only 3 or 4 lbs at birth. My biological mother was only teenager at the time and placed me up for adoption through Gladney Adoption Services. I spent the first month in the NICU due to my small size and health. I spent the next month in a foster home being cared for elderly woman who tried to help me grow and become healthy. At last, I was adopted at 2 months old by the best parents I could have ever asked for. New Orleans was my new home.  I was now the baby sister to a 3.5 year old boy who had also been adopted from Gladney. He loved being a big brother to me…. that is until I started walking. I didn’t walk until 15 months but once I was walking, I wanted to follow him everywhere and play with all his toys. Boys always had better toys in my opinion. I was a tomboy from the start. We also had two furry, rescue siblings: Mandy and Icarus (named for the mythological story of the boy who flew to close to the sun) both mixed breed dogs. I loved them like crazy but I was an annoying baby who was not gentle, followed them everywhere, and pulled tails. Needless to say, they weren’t my biggest fans.  I loved animals from then on. Animals and animal rescue became one of my greatest passions.  I will use that to segway into another cause that is important to me: Adoption is not just for people! Its for animals too!
Adopt, Don’t Shop. Even if there is a specific breed that you absolutely must have, there are rescues dedicated to just certain breeds like the Louisiana Basset Rescue. This ends chapter one of my story.  I hope you enjoyed it. More to come soon., the Beginning of My Life

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About Loren Bullitt

My name is Loren. I am a 30 year old female working full time and going back to college. I haven't had the easiest time of things. I have depression and migraines and other bad things have happened (I'm sure I'll get into that). But life has not been without its blessings. I was adopted as an infant by the best parents on the planet and they've stood by me through it all. This is my blog. This is me living my truth and coming to terms. Hopefully someone else will read an article or two and be helped as well. Anyway, God Bless. and Welcome to my crazy life. I am interested in freelance writing if you are looking and like what you read.

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