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so I’m waiting for my uniform in the dryer…. and all I can think about is how I am dreading the day tomorrow. Verbal abuse of customers for a wage that isn’t livable. Hence, why I started back to school. I picked a business degree because I knew it would open the most doors. But lately, I’ve been wondering if that’s the right major. I was violently physically assaulted 2 years ago while on the job and have had a wonderful experience with the best lawyer and just felt like I want to help people. I want to make a difference. However, I am far too emotional and bull-headed to be a successful lawyer…and then I started doing an English paper on adoption. Being an adoptee myself, I am fascinated by the history and the process. In my research, I’ve seen so much misinformation and so much hurt caused by the adoption process. I suppose I’ve had a rose-colored view of the whole process because my adoptive family is literally perfect. But there are those who never reunite with their biological parents, those who go to abusive homes, those who are lied to…. and I felt.

The Dark History of the Adoption Process

Maybe that is my calling. Maybe I can somehow help heal the hurt caused by past adoptions and affect further reform in future adoptions to protect all parties involved. I even tried writing a template for a customizable adoption book for kids. I feel telling an adopted child from the beginning is key to their ability to adjust and cope with being different. I wanted to make it customizable for race, religion, ethnicity, gender, families that have 2 moms or 2 dads, biracial families, etc….. If you are adopted as well, what do you think? any suggestions?

Careers in the Adoption Industry

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