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Here’s what noone tells you about depression….

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it is not just sadness. it is the thief of motivation. the inability to construct a future even if you have the right tools….

I want to be a blogger and children’s  book author. I need to at least find side freelance work to supplement my income. I’ve paid for my own website, tried to find a niche, come up with ideas and story lines for children’s books and yet I cannot break through the glass ceiling to find my success…. and I find myself frustrated and depressed and I disappear from my blog or writing project and do nothing at all…. I need to find a successful mentor…. someone who has broken through that impenetrable ceiling and succeeded to give me some advice…. tell me what I am doing wrong and how to improve. Help. Please. There are so many things going wrong that I’m not sure I’m legally allowed to talk about in my worker’s comp case that I just feel paralyzed.

Help. For the love of whatever deity you believe in, please. Help.

This week’s featured adoptable pets!

This week’s adoptable pets!

Meet Dude! He is an older hound mix who is full of love! Dude enjoys playing rope or ball and is good with other dogs and people of all sizes. He absolutely loves being outside and being around his family. This sweet boy is looking for a special home that will understand and take care of him. Like most dogs from the shelter, he is scared to be left alone. But wouldn’t you? If you think you would like to provide this handsome man with the best remaining years of his life, please come meet him at PAWS! He has been waiting for you!
Castor came into PAWS with his brother Pollux. Both of them have beautiful tabby markings on top of white fur that really brings out the color. Castor is the more out-going brother. He’s happy to get attention from everyone and anyone. Like his brother, he loves to play and get a lot of energy out. The kitten in him is still a big part of his personality. We always suggest to keep siblings together, especially in pairs, and we feel that these brothers will brighten up anyone’s home. Come in and meet these handsome fellas today!
Both of these babies are available for adoption at Plaquemines Animal Welfare Society in Louisiana: 504-392-1601 FAX: 504-556-2944 455 F. Edward Hebert Blvd, Belle Chasse, LA 70037
And donate forget my fundraiser for PAWS in honor of my rainbow bridge babies: Jack and Max:

It’s All About (The) STRUGGLE

, Animal Rescue

Yea. So its been rough.  I was told that my heart is twisted to the right in my chest and ventricular contractions are premature meaning my blood isn’t fully oxygenated. I have to go have a stress test and wear a halter monitor for 24 hours to see how severe things are. Its scary.
On top of that, I can’t seem to keep any weight on. Its literally falling off of me. I weigh like 99 lbs. and I’m exhausted. ALL. THE. TIME. They took me off antidepressants in case they were contributing to the problem. WITHDRAWAL SUCKS.

But I’m still pushing through, going to work, working on my children’s book.  I am determined to make a positive difference in some small way no matter what life throws at me!

Some Good News!


Its a 2017 Nissan Sentra SV.

Its got the brake assist. Rear view camera. Bluetooth hands free phone. Under 50k miles.

And I got a great deal.

Its the first good thing to happen to me in a while. I’m so excited. It handles like a dream.
Just wanted to share my good news.

Adoptable Pets of the Week

This weeks adoptable dog is Maui!

My name is Maui! I am an older rat terrier mix looking for a good home. I came to PAWS with my teeth in terrible condition, most of which were surgically removed. The workers here at the shelter have been taking wonderful and patient care of me, learning how incredibly sweet I really am. If you have a lap I can lay in or arms I can fall asleep in, you are my favorite kind of person. I absolutely love to cuddle, and you can make me fall asleep as easy as “pick…me…up”. I also get along with other animals, and people of all ages. Please contact PAWS for more information!

I picked Maui because he is a senior dog and I feel like dogs give so much they deserve to spend their golden years in a loving home.

 PAWS: 504-392-1601 FAX: 504-556-2944  455 F. Edward Hebert Blvd, Belle Chasse, LA 70037

This week’s adoptable cat is: Hawkeye!

Hawkeye is a sweet girl with a unique coat! She loves attention and loves to snuggle! She tolerates other cats but prefers to be the only one getting your attention. Bring Hawkeye home today and see what a love bug she is!

I chose Hawkeye because she is about 5 and almost all black. Black animals tend to get looked over and are the most euthanized in shelters (Even though PAWS is no kill). Plus look how stinkin’ cute she is!

 PAWS: 504-392-1601 FAX: 504-556-2944  455 F. Edward Hebert Blvd, Belle Chasse, LA 70037


Animal Rescue

Plaquemines Animal Welfare Society is a Non-Profit No Kill Animal Shelter located at 455 F Edward Hebert Blvd, Belle Chasse, LA 70037. Their phone number is  (504) 392-1601. This is an organization that is near and dear to my heart. I did all my service hours with them through High School. I adopted two dogs from them. They were litter mates. They were my furry children.  Jack passed suddenly in 2012. Max just recently at 18 years old. I wanted to have a fundraiser in their honor.  FUNDRAISER LINK 

I decided why not go a step further and do my own little adoptable pet of the week?

I’ll share my animal rescue posts here. If you need a home for a pet or would like to advertise an animal rights issue with me, please contact me at